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Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

Montana 3D Printing started from need, not as an actual business. The owner, Joel Atkins, is an active RC Pilot. He builds and designs all kinds of RC Aircraft which include airplanes, Helicopter, and Multi rotors. He also has a business called RC Aerial Imaging. He found out really quick that many times in his building and designing RC aircrafts for aerial photography and video that there was no "off the shelf" system or specialized parts that would work, at the time, with every aircraft. So he got into 3D printing to have the ability to make parts that you couldn't buy.

Our venture into 3D printing started out with a simple thing, a transmitter mount. He looked high and low for one that would work in his specific application, but there wasn't anything that would fit the way he wanted. He could have one made out of aluminum, but that would take months to design, and the large expense to have someone CNC one. He could buy one that was close, and would need to be highly modified with the risk of either destroying it or it not working at all. So he started to look around at ways of designing and making things him self. He bought a small CNC machine, which worked, but it cost a lot of time and trial and error to get the parts just right. And the cost of just the material was crazy since you are taking material away to make the part, so he was vacuuming up half if not more of the material he used to make the part, which is a waste. So the search was on for a better solution.

Then he discovered 3D printing!! He bought his first 3D printer and started to tinker. Little did he know what a worm hole he was getting into. Getting an expensive machine that took months to learn how to use, getting the right design, and learning what works and what doesn't. It is a fine art!!

Now he can design and print any part he needs. But then people saw some of his work and wanted the same part, so he charged a small fee to make the part for other pilots. That is when a light cam on! This is a great business opportunity!

And that is how Montana 3D Printing was born.

Montana 3D printing now has several high quality printers that can print very precise and clean parts. If you can think it up, it can be printed with our 3D printing service in Joliet, MT.

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