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Custom 3D Printing Prices

Fast Affordable 3D Printing Service - Montana 3D Printing

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Affordable pricing on quality custom 3D printing services right here in Billings, Montana!

All custom 3d printing pricing is done on a per job basis. Pricing is subject to change at any time. If you need to know the exact cost, please call or email us so we can give you exact cost for your specific 3D print. The largest 3D print we are offering at this time is 23cm square. If it goes beyond that, it will be split into separate prints and each piece will have a print charge. That is a separate charge and you must email or call to get a price.

3D Design Pricing Info:

Designing for 3D printing is a per item charge. You have to call or email to get pricing, and it might take us talking a few times to get the total cost figured out. It will help save us both time and money if you have a sketch of what you want. We will also have to get exact measurements, so get out your ruler.