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3D Printing FAQs

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked 3D printing questions.

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3D Printing FAQs

  1. How long does it take to have something 3D printed?
    Short answer is within a few days. But there are a few factors. On average it takes 1-12 hours to 3D print most items. We have had some large detailed 3D prints that have taken over 24 hours. It also depends on how many of our 3D printers are open at the time. We have a large customer base and we sometimes get more 3D prints than we have 3D printers. Shipping is the next factor. We can ship your 3D printed item any way you want, at any speed you are willing to pay for. If you really want to, you can come pick your completed 3D prints up at our 3D printing shop in Montana. While your here, check out all the great things Montana has to offer, like the beautiful mountains and scenery. We are only 25 miles away from the town of Red Lodge Montana and 151 miles to the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

  2. What colors can you use for 3D Printing?
    There are about 50 colors of 3D printing filament on the market right now. From primary solid colors to exotic metallic and even glow in the dark colors. They even make some 3D printing filament that looks and smells like wood. We have 3D printed in most of these colors and have them in stock, but if there is a specific color you want for your 3D printing job, let us know and we can get it. Here are the colors of 3D printing filament we use most: black, white, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, purple, pink, clear, glow-in-the-dark, gold, silver and brown.

  3. What is the smallest or biggest size for a 3D print?
    3D prints can be as small as a few millimeters or as big as a car, if you have the right printer. At Montana 3D printing, we like to keep it on the smaller size. Our 3D printers can print up to 10 inches square(25.5 cm). If your 3D print is larger, we can split it up and make several smaller 3D prints that can be welded together. Most 3D printed items that people want are between 2-10cm square.

  4. Should I use PLA or ABS 3D printing filament?
    ABS melts at a higher temperature, which means your machine has to run hotter in order to print with it. It also doesn't stick to the build plate as well, so many 3D printers that print ABS have a heated bed to help the material to stick. PLA cools quicker and sticks better, and so you can generally print faster with it. If you’re making a part thats to be used in a hot environment, such as the wheel on a dishwasher tray or a printer fan housing, you may want to use ABS to minimise the chance of it deforming in high temperatures.

  5. Why should I order my 3D prints form Montana 3D printing instead of another company like Shapeways?
    Montana 3D printing is a locally owned Montana 3D printing business that produces high quality 3D printed products and hand inspects everything that goes out the door. Not some huge business that won't even give out their phone number or address. We take pride in everything we do here in Montana. If you have a problem or a question, we are just a phone call away. You will always get a real human on the phone, no robot answering service, and you will NEVER have to push 1 or any other number for an English speaking person!!! Another thing we don't do, like some of the other guys, is we never outsource any of our work! We do everything from the order taking, all the way to the finished 3D printed product.

  6. How strong are 3D printed items?
    The strength of a 3D printed item depends on the amount of infill as well as the design and the material used. Please contact us for more specific information about your 3D printing needs.